by Leper

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this collection of songs was created as an experiment, giving literally the least amount of effort in every aspect of them: minimal orchestration, minimal lyrics, minimal instrumentation, minimal amount of time recording, and minimal performance. i basically went in and improvised everythg


released July 1, 2015

skot shaw played everything
skot shaw cover
rachel shaw photos
recorded by skot shaw at the empathy mausoleum chicago



all rights reserved


Leper Chicago

Leper uses hauntingly melodic vocals, driving keys and brooding guitar to orchestrate a compelling sound combining elements of goth, Industrial, dance & rock. Leper’s influences and inspiration are drawn from many different sources creating a musical tapestry woven with the threads of despair, struggle and redemption. ... more

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Track Name: I live in shadow
i live in shadow
brutalized by despair
now one finger reaching out
how sad, to love a deign thing
and i only want to sleep,
but how will i survive the dreams
Track Name: black ones
black things drip
blind things trip
dark things rip
cold things grip
tightly around your neck
because you wont invest
in life

red ones drip
blind ones trip
dark ones rip
cold ones grip

tightly around your neck
because you wont invest
in love
Track Name: still I crawl
i here you scratching in the wall
i here you tapping with your claw
feel you caressing my heart
i know you mean to do me harm
still i crawl
Track Name: love is like a tall tree
all things grow
all things die
and love wythers away
if we let it fade
every thing feeds
everything starves
love feeds on life
or love starves and die

love grows like trees
tall strong and green
the wind and rain and cold
cannot kill it so
Track Name: why must it be
i love the way you laugh
such an all exquisett trap
i have not forgoten why
why it all began
it gets so lonly
when i look away
but then it rains
and im back
Track Name: a perfect gloom
the sun it seems came out to day
and rewind a perfect gloom
everything was a ok untill the stroke of noon
a sunny day or so they say
is suposed to inproove the mood
but thats not fooling anyone
and im not giveing in to you

the sun it seems came out to day
and rewind a perfect gloom
everything was not ok untill i spoke to you
with a single thought of an unsaid word
my heart was broke in 2
i guess thats just the way love works
i cant help giveing in to you
Track Name: reversing shadows
trak 1 in reverse